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What is The Drill?

Whatever your fitness goals, weight loss, muscle gain, improved strength or just general fitness “The Drill Fitness” Circuit Training offers a great all-round work-out that’s challenging, dynamic and will push you to your personal best. It’s one of the few workouts that will train all your body parts in one session!

In addition to the health benefits, the class atmosphere of circuit is non-intimidating, it remains challenging but fun. Moreover, at “The Drill Fitness” Circuit Training we will correct technique and vary the circuit training routine to keep it dynamic and stimulating to keep you motivated.

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Personal Training

At The Drill Fitness, we believe Personal Training should be fun. We have created a non-judgemental, motivational environment for you to train in. Using a variety of techniques and equipment, we help to develop a customised training program tailored for you so that you can make the most out of your workout while working towards your fitness.

Personal one to one training is available to all and we also offer semi-private and small group training if you want to share your training experience with friends, family or co-workers.

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Whether you are an elite athlete, a regular gym going or a sedentary office worker, everyone is likely to have experienced some discomfort or muscular tightening and pain. Massage is a crucial part of ‘physical conditioning regime’, helping to relieve tight muscles, relax the body, improve performance and boost recovery.

Having an appreciation of the benefits of massage I added to my skill set by studying Swedish massage and Sports massage.
I have also travelled to the renowned School of Thai Massage Shivagkomarpa in Thailand to learn the art of Thai Massage.

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