Relaxation and Performance Improvement

Whether you are an elite athlete, a regular gym going or a sedentary office worker, everyone is likely to have experienced some discomfort or muscular tightening and pain. Massage is a crucial part of ‘physical conditioning regime’, helping to relieve tight muscles, relax the body, improve performance and boost recovery.

Having an appreciation of the benefits of massage I added to my skill set by studying Swedish massage and Sports massage.
I have also travelled to the renowned School of Thai Massage Shivagkomarpa in Thailand to learn the art of Thai Massage.

Benefits of Massage

  • Improved flexibility and mobility: Aggressive training can tighten and toughen the muscles, preventing them from stretching correctly. Massaging soft tissue, both longitudinally and laterally, will improve muscular mobility and can correct imbalances, as well as releasing accumulated tensions from the sheaths around the muscles.
  • Ease stiff bones: Massage can separate muscle fibres that have either become adhered to one and another or to other soft tissues structures around them, and even to bones, which can help improve mobility.
  • Improved flow of blood & Nutrients: Over­trained muscles can over time become tough and hard which can result in a restricted absorption of blood and nutrients, thus depriving the muscles of what they need. Massage improves circulation and the passage of oxygen which in turn improves the supply of nutrients to tissues improving their health and aiding the healing and repair process.
  • Ejects metabolic waste: through increased blood flow, sports massage helps the body to expel metabolic waste products (e.g. lactates) from tissues, further assisting in recovery process.
  • Reduces pain: by removing the pressure build­up suffered from congestion and metabolic irritants, massage can help to relieve pain. Massage stimulates your sensory receptors which respond to touch and as your body relaxes, endorphins are released which de­stress the body and minimising anxiety.
  • Eases delayed onset of muscle soreness: ‘DOMS’, is a muscular discomfort experienced a day or two after a training session. Massage encourages the blood and lymph flow throughout the body, which can help prevent muscle fatigue and encourage better oxygenation.
  • Boost performance: More oxygen flowing to muscle tissues which are lithe and mobile, nourished and free from toxins and knotted tension, is surely going to lead to a higher quality and more sustainable level of activity.

Massage Services