After attending the classes I began to feel motivated to exercise again. Each time I was pushed to my limit and began to feel more confident within myself as I could see positive changes in my appearance and fitness levels. The classes were engaging and I felt like the exercises were suited to my needs. I have been given advice to improve my lifestyle as a whole, including fitness and diet. With the guidance I have been given and the results I have seen, I would recommend the fitness sessions to all those looking for a lifestyle change or a way to just keep fit and healthy.



I was one of the many people that frequently went to the gym and because of boredom and the lack of results would give up on achieving my weight loss goal. Joining ‘The Drill’ changed my whole perception of exercise. The day after my first session every muscle in my body ached, but I enjoyed it so I still went back for more! Because you work individually on each station, it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, you work at your own level. I am now fitter, faster and stronger than I have been before. The combination of Mike’s training techniques and the vast array of equipment makes this class extraordinary. Adding this circuit training into my weekly routine has dramatically improved my muscle strength, endurance, aerobic capacity and most importantly for me helped with my weight loss. As my fitness has improved Mike has increased the difficulty of the exercises which keeps this class interesting and challenging. It’s a great way to help anyone get fit.


The Drill circuit classes have helped me to strip down my excess weight. I have recently started personal training session with Micheal to gain more muscle definition. He has taught me that for success there are 3 main elements 1 – rest, 2 – effort, and lastly he has shown me how important it is to eat the right things at the right times order to improve my physique and health. His training sessions are always a challenge but fun. Without fail during the session he will say “Love me now hate me later” and when he is pushing me to get that extra rep out that’s exactly how I feel, but the results make it worthwhile.



Mikes class is the best class I have ever been to and I have recommended it to a number of my friends, who also now love it too. He always gives me lots of advise and encouragement especially when I am finding it hard and want to give up. I enjoy the challenge of the class and have also been personal training with Mike. He always adapts the exercises to account for my knee injury showing me the best way to train. Over the years I have picked up a lot of bad habits and since training with Mike he has corrected my techniques and altered my diet, so overall I am a lot fitter and healthier than before. I am always looking forward to his next class.